Access governance has become an essential part of enterprise security with the growing awareness of sensitivity to insider threats and increasing requirements for regulatory compliance. Getting better insight into who has access to key data sources and how, has grown into a high priority for all types of organizations.

Since 1997, axl & trax has been helping organizations improve SAP user security and establish good practices in user role architectures and access risk management. Expert-knowledge, experience, a sound and pragmatic methodology as well as purpose-made tools form the success factor of this service.

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ServicePortfolio Access v4 EN 20160226

Some of our Services include

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  • Access
  • Advisory
  • Audit
  • Concept
  • Data Security
  • Process
  • Ruleset
  • SAP License
  • SAP Security
  • SoD
  • Authorization Concept Review

    Authorization Concept Review

    Authorization concept review reveals weaknesses in the designed role model as well as in the implemented roles and user assignments. The resulting reports provide with clear insight into role inconsistencies, access risk-related exposure and statistical reporting to indicate the areas of improvement.
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    • Concept
  • Segregation of Duties

    Segregation of Duties

    Segregation of Duties is considered a key control to prevent risk of error or fraud. Our experts can review your system to identify users or roles that combine critical combinations of access rights. The identified conflicts are assessed together with other mitigating controls in place or reported “as-is”, to decide on in terms of exposure and acceptability. We can also review or tailor your SoD ruleset, or establish a state of the art SoD set for your access review tool.
    • Audit
    • SoD
  • User Access Audits

    User Access Audits

    User access audits allow to identify gaps between desired state and actual state (“soll” vs. “ist”) and can help with identifying the excessive access rights granted to users by comparing user access rights with usage statistics.
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    • Audit
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