Having a specialized Security Operations Center (SOC) that takes care of securing your SAP systems, ensures that trained experts work constantly to keep your business data and processes safe. No matter what time it is or in which time zone attention is required: security incidents and requests are picked up and handled efficiently and effectively.

Don't hinder business with service unavailability and make sure your SAP security is under control and managed in time.

A SOC allows you to focus on core business, relying on dedicated professionals to manage your SAP security state-of-the-art and following your desired service level. Forget about small service windows and staff unavailability disrupting your business processes or hindering profitable deals.

Reasons to engage a SOC

SOCFeedback Piechart

  • 14% - Ability to leverage service level guarantees
  • 14% - Lack of the required skill set in-house
  • 14% - Lack of sufficient staff
  • 58% - More cost-effective

Source: Research Circle Results G-14524 SOC Survey Courtesy of Gartner

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