STIB has achieved the required maturity level of operational SAP risk management

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In terms of operational SAP risk management we can say that today, we have achieved the required level of maturity in a relatively short time, thanks to the flexibility and the methodology of axl & trax. One of the key success factors for this project has been the constant balance between business continuity on one hand, and the adaptation of authorizations and all related risks on the other hand.

Omar Akabi
Solution Development Manager

EFS - Segregation of Duties risks identification

EFS commented on the usage of CSI Authorization Auditor during the SoD project.

This tool helps to identify the risk levels. It also allows us to link compliancy rules (type SOx and others) with the authorizations in SAP

Nicolas Merlière
Directeur Adjoint de l'Audit et du Pilotage Stratégique

For EFS, who wished to approach the standard, this solution also allowed the implementation of normalized rules, categorized by importance, while incorporating these rules.

This way, we were better equipped to identify the conflicts, allowing us to make a systemic analysis with a solid tool while, among other things, taking the authorization objects into account. Therefore, we reinforce the separation of duties while securing our processes

Jean-Nicolas Maupain
Auditeur lnterne à la Direction de l'Audit et du Pilotage Strategique

EFS - Etablissement Français du Sang - French Blood Establishment

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AMI Semiconductor

AMI Semiconductor, a US-based public company, required a very secure setup for all their IT systems.

During my more than 10 years of experience in SAP system and security administration, I saw a lot of different authorization setups. The authorizations concept of axl & trax convinced me from the first day we started with the implementation: it is both transparent for business people and technically easy to maintain.

Implementing this global concept for both AMI Semiconductor's SAP R/3 and SAP BW systems signicantly increased the company's security and ability to maintain and adapt the authorizations in an efficient way.

Ann De Waele
SAP Basis Administrator
ON Semiconductor


As being faced with numerous SAP R/3 authorization conflicts, at Delhaize Corporate Financial  Systems, we decided to contact CSI Belgium being the largest authorizations company in Belgium, providing services in audit, control and security. The challenges were threefold; first of all an incomplete authorizations set-up needed to be replaced with a future-proof concept supporting Delhaize Group's anticipated growth path.

Willem Baelde
SAP Centre of Excellence Manager 
Delhaize Group

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Océ Technologies

About the migration of users towards the new Corporate template roles in order to reach compliancy with corporate SOD rules and process design without hindering daily operations, Océ Technologies B.V. stated the following:

Thank you for all your good work, and your team. We have made massive steps compared to the old way of working.

Rogier Jacobs
VP Global Applications
Océ Technologies B.V.

Touring Club Suisse

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After 1,5 days of working with your consultant, we have to say it's pretty remarkable how much he knows. He has amazed us and the business with his knowledge. We hope to achieve great things together!

Philippe Emery
Responsable de la Sécurité
Touring Club Suisse


Marcel you did a very fine job in supporting the BI team and creating these supporting roles in a limited timeframe.

Wim Verhaert

STIB Testimonial

STIB comments on our contribution to secure its operational access management

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