SAP security is not only about Segregation of Duties (SoD) and user access rights, but also the layer below application security, being the infrastructure and kernel security.

Since systems are more and more interconnected, the security on communication layer as well as on kernel level, has become one of the top security priorities. It’s all about keeping the bad guy out to avoid risk of sabotage, fraud or other cyberattacks.

Infrastructure vulnerability analysis helps with identifying security weaknesses on the layer below application security. Generally speaking, infrastructure management and SAP system administration are two different worlds and there tends to be a gap of knowledge and ownership between the two.

The technical foundation of system reliability is assessed through the infrastructure vulnerability analysis. A SAP security specialist should inspect the vulnerability of the installed SAP components, kernel and services for any (known) weaknesses.

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Some of our Services include

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  • Advisory
  • Audit
  • Infrastructure
  • Ruleset
  • SAP License
  • SAP Security
  • Infrastructure Vulnerability Analysis

    Infrastructure Vulnerability Analysis

    Infrastructure Vulnerability Analysis identifies security weaknesses on the layer below application security. In the infrastructure vulnerability analysis, the SAP security specialists inspect the vulnerability of the installed SAP components, kernel and services for any known weaknesses to pro-actively manage SAP system-security at infrastructure/kernel level.

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  • Security Governance

    Security Governance

    Security Governance focuses on healthy and good practices in the domain of security management at strategic and tactical level. Equipped with in-depth knowledge of today’s successful practices in the market as well as the commonly accepted best practices like ISO2700x and COBiT, specialists of axl & trax assess current company posture and discuss potential areas of improvement. axl & trax gives advice on how to gradually grow SAP security governance to the next maturity level.

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    • SAP Security
  • License Optimization

    License Optimization

    License Optimization Services offer the opportunity to assess whether an organization is in control over its purchased licenses and their use within SAP. The license optimization helps with mapping the allocated user license types with granted access rights and actual use of transaction codes. This can be used to change the user license allocation and thereby reflect SAP system usage reality and/or reduce the yearly payable license fees.

    • Audit
    • SAP License
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