Development Security

Tailoring and tuning a SAP system implementation and the configured business processes to the specific needs of an enterprise is essential to guarantee effectiveness and efficiency. This often results in custom ABAP/4 developments specifically written by/for the enterprise. How well were security and risks considered in their design and implementation? Can you be confident that there is no backdoor and that user access rights effectively protect your information assets?

axl & trax helps companies with identifying such risks and proposing counter-measures or adjustments such to minimize exposure.

Some of the services that can help closing possible backdoors and keeping them closed are:

  • custom code analysis or code review;
  • development quality assurance;
  • advisory on good development practices.

Don’t let custom development be the Achilles’ heel to the protection of your company assets. 

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Dedicated Software Partners in Development Security

Code Profiler

Code Profiler

CodeProfiler helps in ensuring ABAP coding is free of known security, compliance or quality issues. Read More
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Some of our Services include

  • All
  • ABAP
  • Advisory
  • Audit
  • SAP License
  • SAP Security
  • ABAP Code Review

    ABAP Code Review

    With more than 90% of all SAP application written in ABAP, the ABAP code is the backbone of any SAP system. Error, mistake or malicious coding can jeopardize the entire system and the company assets opening door to error, abuse and fraud. axl & trax can review the ABAP coding of the ERP system to test the code for vulnerabilities and flaws in the areas of security, compliance, performance, maintainability, and robustness.

    • ABAP
    • Audit
  • Security Governance

    Security Governance

    Security Governance focuses on healthy and good practices in the domain of security management at strategic and tactical level. Equipped with in-depth knowledge of today’s successful practices in the market as well as the commonly accepted best practices like ISO2700x and COBiT, specialists of axl & trax assess current company posture and discuss potential areas of improvement. axl & trax gives advice on how to gradually grow SAP security governance to the next maturity level.

    • Audit
    • SAP Security
  • Quality Assurance and Coaching

    Quality Assurance and Coaching

    It has become clear that even experienced security staff members need specialist advice on specific security issues, a peer helping to keep the quality levels high or on how to deal with new features or specific issues in SAP.
    Involving axl & trax as a coach or quality assurance staff member allows any company to benefit from the exposure and strong experience of the axl & trax experts while staying in charge of the SAP security process.

    • Advisory
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