Any training course cancellation will be accepted by axl & trax without training course fee being due by the customer only if:

  • the cancellation is communicated by e-mail to ; and
  • at least 15 business days prior to the start of the training. Any training course fee paid in advance by the customer will then be refunded.

Substitution of attendee may be made by the customer at any time and is not a cancellation.

axl & trax reserves the right to cancel any training course due to unforeseen circumstances beyond its control. The customer is then entitled to the refund of any prior paid training course fee but axl & trax will not be responsible for the travel arrangements, travel fees and expenses incurred by the customer.


Any request for rescheduling a training course will be examined by axl & trax case by case and, if agreed, will be subject to axl & trax’ conditions.

Regarding on-line training courses, if the customer and/or axl & trax encounter technical problems or other issues that cause the start or the progress of a training session to be delayed, axl & trax may complete the training session the same day, if possible and if time permits. If not, axl & trax and the customer will work to reschedule/complete the training session to the next mutually agreed available opening.


The acceptance of this cancellation/rescheduling policy by the customer is automatically registered and attested through its subscription to the axl & trax training course.

Training Options

  • On-Demand Dedicated / Tailored Customer trainings.
  • Remote trainings can be offered to customers who have travel limitations.
  • Scheduled Open Class trainings are facilitated at our training center in Herent (Belgium).

Contact us for detailed information. If you want to cancel or reschedule a training, please consult our training terms & conditions

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