VNSG Logo axt websiteVNSG (Vereniging Nederlandstalige SAP Gebruikers) is the Dutch-speaking SAP User Group. Founded in 1988, very active and with over 900 corporate memberships, it is one of the pro-rata the largest SAP User Groups world-wide. Over 50% of the top companies listed on the AEX (Euronext Amsterdam) are members of VNSG.

Since 1988, The Association of Dutch SAP Users (VNSG) is the platform for all SAP and SAP BusinessObjects users in the Netherlands and Flanders. The VNSG supports users of SAP and SAP BusinessObjects software to increase the added value of this software within their organization. Firstly by encouraging and organizing knowledge, on the other hand to represent the SAP and SAP BusinessObjects SAP users towards the organization. The VNSG has 28 focus groups, a website, a magazine and several newsletters. There are also theme days, meetings and an annual conference organized. With over 900 member organizations (companies, governments and SAP service), VNSG has as a percentage, the largest number of members in the world. 

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