• The Security Company for SAP environments.

  • axl & trax is a services company specialized in securing SAP environments.

  • Let us take care of your SAP security operations, so you can focus on your core business.

  • Follow our trainings on SAP security, audit, GRC and application controls to improve your security and audit skills.

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Security for SAP environments

axl & trax helps companies secure their critical information and processes in their SAP applications, by delivering expert-level services with a business-oriented approach using state-of-the-art concepts, pragmatic methods and built-to-purpose software.

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The Security Company for SAP Environments

AXT ASUG v01ASUG (America's SAP Users' Group) is the group of people, companies and organizations that work with the products and services of SAP.

ASUG is the connection between more than 100,000 (professional) members all seeking to share ideas, experiences, answers and advice to stay ahead in the constantly developing and changing technological world. Members starting from global enterprises to local startups all come together to participate in professional networking sessions, national conferences, educational webcasts, regional events.

ASUG's mission is to make it easier for their members to get to know the SAP ecosystem better by bringing together people from several sectors or backgrounds and let them share their experiences to achieve better business results.


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Widen your security perimeter and reduce operation costs

We are the bridge between business and IT. Your operations costs will significantly benefit from a tailored and simplified approach, combining theoretical and strong practical experience, utilizing sound knowledge of business processes and data flows, while communicating IT security challenges in business language.

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