• The Security Company for SAP environments.

  • axl & trax is a services company specialized in securing SAP environments.

  • Let us take care of your SAP security operations, so you can focus on your core business.

  • Follow our trainings on SAP security, audit, GRC and application controls to improve your security and audit skills.

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Security for SAP environments

axl & trax helps companies secure their critical information and processes in their SAP applications, by delivering expert-level services with a business-oriented approach using state-of-the-art concepts, pragmatic methods and built-to-purpose software.

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The Security Company for SAP Environments

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EPI-USE is a partner of axl & trax and applies Data Secure, part of the Data Sync Manager product suite, to enable in-place masking or scrambling of sensitive data, in addition to providing an extendable set of masking rules that can be applied to SAP clients. Its simple user interface allows functional teams to define a set of rules, which the basis team can re-use easily whenever they create or refresh a client. Data Secure ensures that copied SAP clients are secured in accordance with global security regulations.


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Widen your security perimeter and reduce operation costs

We are the bridge between business and IT. Your operations costs will significantly benefit from a tailored and simplified approach, combining theoretical and strong practical experience, utilizing sound knowledge of business processes and data flows, while communicating IT security challenges in business language.

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